$NFTC Token Sell

Did you know Cáifù is a term of "Wealth"!

Caifu team is delighted to announce the token sell for early investors with huge benefits like free NFT, cheap price, bonus tokens etc. 

Smart investor vesting: Presale investors can spend/trade only 20% of their token each month. However it can be staked in our platform to earn more token and NFT. Token bought in an exchanges are fully unlocked. 

Follow instruction to buy $NFTC

  1. Make sure you have BNB balance in your account and it’s on Binance smart chain. (Use any competable wallet like Metamask, TrustWallet, TokenPocket etc.)
  2. Copy or scan the token sell contract address and send BNB amount that you want to invest. (Use 150,000 gas to avoid failed tx)
  3. Once the tx is confirmed, you’ll receive $NFTC instantly in your wallet. 

** Unslod tokens will be immediately burned. 

** NFTC token Contract: 0xd5442f00b8a6636f6ec48b729fdb7a544ab963be

Sale contract:


0 +
Holder Counts


  1. Min buy: 0.1 BNB
  2. Max buy 20 BNB

Softcap: REACHED.

Hardcap: 950 BNB


  1. Please watch out for fake version of tokens, we only have one official website, and we are not listed in any exchange. 
  2. Our first listing will be on Gate.io exchanges, so please be aware of DEX scams. 
  3. We will announce on all our social channels once we list our token in exchanges and DEXs like Pancakeswap, Bakeryswap or JulSwap. 
  4. Do not use any exchange wallet to participate in presale.

Token Burn List

NFTC burn 1: 34941674.1704221841658 NFTC

NFTC burn 2: Coming next week

Presale Price Comparison

From seed round to crowdsale & listing. The chart shows the amount exchanged for 1 BNB approx.

We invite all artists to come and join with us building a better platform for creative people.

Congrats on your investment. You can trade max 20K each month.

You are free to trade or hodl, whatever you want to do with it.

Once the presale closes, we will host a startup sale on Gate.io and then immediate listing on both Gate.Io and a DEX like PancakeSwap. 

NFTC token contract is 0xd5442f00b8a6636f6ec48b729fdb7a544ab963be

View on BSCscan

It is expected to launch the market in early June. However, a closed beta will be released before June. 

Primarily it is using Binance smart chain, but it will also be using other chains like Matic, Heco, Ethereum etc. 

We are a group of crypto enthuasisast and developers from Korea, Finland, USA and Portugal. We are operating from our own office in Tel-Aviv.

We are building a global ecosystem, however, at first our priority is to take a top place in the Asian market, that’s why we choose Gate.IO. Statistics says it’s the largest user friendly crypto market with highest trust score in Coingecko.